Some of our greatest moments and experiences have been captured in pictures. We have worked with and for some very interesting people. Some are still with us, while others have transitioned.  Some of our work was with The late Rev. Leon Sullivan, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Olympiad Bob Mathias. Judge Joe Brown, Rev. Al Sharpton, former Senator John Edwards, The Clinton Campaign, Maynard H. Jackson... and I would have to say Senator John Kerry and Senator Barack H. Obama, and President Barack H. Obama.

We are now at the crossroads where we are starting to redirect our efforts. Thanks for the memories.

To the 1st Family, Thank you for eight wonderful years of leadership, compassion, class, patience and tolerance.


To Vice President Joseph Biden and Dr. Jill

Thank you, your legacy has made the role of VP a new and challenging one.

We realize that you were met with obstacles in pushing through your agenda, but in spite of it all.. your legacy is in tact.

We  are profoundly grateful to you.

We love you dearly......


One of the Hardest things was saying Good-bye to the LION OF THE SENATE

Another historical assignment working for .. The Former Secretary of State, U. S. Senator,  John Kerry, then candidate for U.S. President  
Former U.S. Senator John Edwards and Joy... VP candidate

Dr. Leon Sullivan, 1st African American to sit on the Board at General Motors Corporation and founder of OIC

Rev. Al Sharpton and Joy

Judge Joe Brown and Joy

It was a great pleasure working with BOB MATHIAS, Olympiad, Actor, Congressman
While our assignments took us to Detroit, Washington, D.C.,  and Las Vegas, it was a great joy meeting and working with these good people.